Thursday, March 19, 2009

USPS Requirements for Flat -Size Mail are Changing

On March 29, 2009 new address requirements for flat-size mailpieces go into effect. The affected classes are (first class mail pieces are excluded):
  • Periodicals
  • Standard Mail
  • Bound Printed Matter
  • Media Mail
  • Library Mail
The new address requirements include placement, dictating where the address can be located on the piece and format, including type sizes of fonts.

The address must be located in the upper half of mail pieces. The address can be either parallel or perpendicular to the top edge, but not upside down as read in relation to the top edge.

The delivery address must be at least 1/8" from any edge. Distributors should note addresses that straddle the midpoint of vertically oriented pieces may not meet the new standards.

Flat-size mail pieces are usually catalogs, envelopes, magazines, large cards and newspapers that exceed at least one of the letter-size dimensions: 6-1/8" by 11-1/2" by 1/4". Flats cannot be larger than 12" by 15" by 3/4"