Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cleveland International Film Festival - something for Artists and Eco-Friends

The Cleveland International Film Festival is at Tower City Center in downtown Cleveland through Sunday March 29th. Below are a few films that our artist and eco-friends might enjoy:

ART & COPY: Somewhere out there right now, giant satellites are about to launch into space, the better to blanket the airwaves with more commercial images. ART & COPY is a stylish film about the creative heads behind ad campaigns that have changed not only how we view commodities, but also how we view ourselves. No matter what your perception is of advertising agencies, their stories are intriguing. And the groundbreaking ad executives pictures here come across as thoughtful artists with a genius for catching the spirit of the times before the rest of the world realizes what's happening...
Friday March 27th @ 2:15
Saturday March 28th @ 7:15

BETWEEN THE FOLDS: Who knew a movie about paper folding could be such a work of art? Filmmaker Vanessa Gould studied astrophysics and architecture at Columbia University, which may begin to explain her fascination with the engineering marvels accomplished by contemporary wizards of the age-old art of origami. Gould has fashioned a mesmerizingly beautiful paean to a number of visionaries who possess the dedication and ability to make incredible shapes out of a single sheet of paper. Following ten artists and theoretical scientists from Cal Tech and MIT to France and Israel, she tells the story of curious beings who see potential where most don't. They use origami to experiment with movement and light, assail our concepts of realism, teach math to children at risk, and even design better air bags...
Thursday March 26th @ 7:15
Saturday March 28th @ 2:15

POLY CULTURES: In POLY CULTURES, local filmmaker Tom Kondilas describes the thriving effort in Northeast Ohio to bring back small scale, sustainable organic farming. In contemporary society, which is based on industrialized agriculture, food is typically moved 1,500 - 1,800 miles from place of growth to place of consumption. This results in the use of a huge amount of hydrocarbon fuels, not to mention a reliance on often harmful growing technologies. Advocates of a return to ecological agriculture who give testimonials in the film include the proprietors of the George Jones Memorial Farm, a 70 acre sustainable farm owned by Oberlin College and operated privately by a group of alumni...
Wednesday March 25th @ 6:45
Thursday Mach 26th @ 11:30 AM