Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Intelligent Mail Bar-Coding

AGC now offers Intelligent Mail Bar-Coding

Mailers looking to catch a break can save money by making the most of the U.S. Postal Service's latest technologies -- and doing some smart marketing!

The USPS launched Intelligent Mail Bar-Coding (IMB) to improve mail deliverability. It encodes up to 31 digits of a mail-piece data into 65 vertical bars so each address can be assigned a unique identifying number for tracking. By May 2011, Intelligent Mail will be the only barcode that qualifies for automation discounts from the USPS.

IMB Improves Tracking
Marketers can now gauge better in-home delivery of direct mail packages. Specific mail packages can be tracked as well.

IMB Leaves Room for More Copy
IMB integrates various functions into one streamlined barcode, eliminating the cluttered appearance of current address blocks utilizing endorsements and bar-coding for automation schemes like address correction services.

An IMB/ACS Combo is the best way to comply with the postal service's new "move update" requirements
These guidelines were changed last November (see press release dated 11/20/08 Postal Regulation Changes). Using IMB with ACS, the USPS captures information about address changes and undeliverable mail, then returns this data electronically to the mailer.

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