Monday, February 28, 2011

QR Codes > Enhancing your mobile marketing

Marketing today is all about looking at trends and being ahead of the curve. One of the newest trends that's growing fast is QR Barcodes. Creating interactivity within the print medium extends the shelf life as well as the value of print by offering readers layers of experience beyond the printed page.

QR codes are two dimensional bar codes and full of possibilities for marketing solutions. They can contain pure text, links to websites, contact information, coupons, phone numbers, etc.

Local charities can display QR codes on banners to view websites and make donations, in magazines and newsletters to view video and additional information about the editorial content, on advertisements to download coupons, on flyers, posters, and businesses cards to provide more in depth content and contact information, the opportunities are endless.

Incorporating creative mobile marketing within your print campaign provides an instant and meaningful bridge to interactivity.

Have you started incorporating QR codes in your print projects? Let us know how they are working for you.