Monday, December 20, 2010

I Am a Printer

Thought provoking poem regarding the history and power of the printed page:

I Am a Printer
By Frank Romano

I have been around for 560 years
I invented the Renaissance and caused the Reformation
I have recorded war and peace

My pamphlets and documents created America
I take ideas and information and make them tangible
I print lofty Bibles and lowly forms

I am a printer

I help you promote and inform and entertain
My catalogs and direct mail are a spur to action
Like calling, clicking, or visiting
I communicate your brand and facilitate your marketing

I am a printer

I preserve and protect your most precious memories
My greeting cards say what you feel
My photo books are your families' legacies
Freedom of the press began with me
I am still the reasoned and reliable history of our times

I am a printer

I put ink on paper and plastic and other materials
I produce packages and publications and products
My business is an extension of your business
Print and paper will transcend the digital age
Because print gets attention

Print is not a momentary image on a screen
You feel print in your hand even fleetingly
And that is its power: it moves you without moving

I am a printer

My industry and I care about the environment
I deal with responsible paper and ink suppliers
I recycle and conserve and reduce waste
I am your partner in progress

I am your printer

-Frank Romano

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