Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Diversify Your Marketing Dollars & Unite Your Message

The variety of marketing options available can be overwhelming. From printing and advertising to websites, blogs and social media, it's easy to become beleaguered and question which direction you should take your brand message.

Depending on the audience you are trying to attract the choice can be varied.

So what's the best approach? Diversify. Diversify your marketing dollars and unite your message.

There is no guarantee that one option will serve all your needs, in fact, it's probably more accurate to say that one option will not serve all your needs. According to a columnist, Thaddeus B. Kubis, who frequently writes about converging technologies, "much data has been posted that shows people use three diverse media to gain information and perhaps make a purchase, or a choice. Some data indicates that as many as eight touches are needed, and social media is only one of them."

When you diversify your reach is wider, your potential to attract the various people within your audience is greater. The goal is to stay true to who you are, respect your market and what your brand represents and unify your message with every media option you choose.

At AGC, our goal is to help your brand evolve, remain relevant in this cluttered world of media, and ensure your message remains consistent across all marketing platforms.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Calling All Artists 2012 Edition of 52 Weeks 52 Works

The 2012 edition of 52 Weeks 52 Works marks the 10th anniversary of the calendar!

The deadline for submission is October 1, 2011

We are amidst the production of the 10th annual 52 Weeks 52 Works desk calendar and we need your talent! Any artist living and working in NEO is eligible (nudity and explicit imagery are restricted). If you are interested or if you know any one who may be interested please forward this information along. You can download the 2012 submission here

Upon completion of the calendar every participating artist will receive 2 copies along with your returned submission. You will see first hand the impressive results achieved when combining the versatility of eco-friendly print communication with the unique talent of NEO’s local artists.

If interested please visit 52 Weeks 52 Works to download a submission form or contact me at or 216-661-2550.

It is preferable that submissions are received via our File Submission Link on our website. Follow the instructions in the white box at the right of the screen.
In the Subject Box please enter “52 Weeks”
In the Message Box please enter “Your Full Name and the Title of Your Submission”

52 Weeks 52 Works is Academy Graphic Communication’s (AGC) annual desk calendar highlighting the talent of Northeast Ohio area artists. The calendar has served as a stage for the creative community of Northeast Ohio for the past 9 years. AGC is a full-service, marketing and print communication firm in Cleveland, OH. We operate three comprehensive facilities: The Creative Advantage Design Studio, Sustainable Print Solutions, and Fulfillment Yields Interest. This calendar serves as our capabilities brochure and seeks to demonstrate the power of expressing ideas effectively through print and the myriad of collaborative opportunities available with Northeast Ohio’s creative community. The collections of past calendars have ranged from sculpture to painting, photography to ceramics, fiber to jewelry.

52 Weeks 52 Works is published entirely by Academy Graphic Communication
View past issues of the calendar.

Don’t miss your opportunity to be included in this very special 10th anniversary edition!